You’ve heard about the benefits of standby generators, but you’re just not sure. “Do I really need one?” The following 10 types of people need standby generators for a variety of reasons, all of which involve consistent access to electricity.

Homeowners who are annoyed by or concerned about extended power outages
It’s one thing to have the power in your home go out for five to ten minutes. It’s something else entirely to have it off for hours or days at a time. It’s difficult to get ready for work, to store or prepare food, and to control the temperature of your home. Then there’s the fact that the security system doesn’t work without power, leaving you and your family vulnerable to troublemakers who know the power is out. A standby generator ensures homeowners they will have electricity when it matters most.

People who live in areas with frequent power outages due to storms
If you live along the Gulf Coast or in tornado alley (North Texas, Central Texas, the Texas Panhandle, and Oklahoma), you know how weather affects the power in your home. You don’t have to wonder about whether or not power will be there if you have a standby generator installed. You can focus on things like keeping your family and property out of harm’s way.

Residents of highly populated areas who experience frequent rolling blackouts or brownouts
As the population grows (along with its dependency on technology) the demand on urban power grids becomes strained. During peak seasons, like a Texas summer, the grid can be pushed to its limits when so many homeowners run their air conditioners at the same time. The result can be rolling blackouts or brownouts that force homeowners to limit electricity usage, whether they want to or not. If you have a standby generator installed at home, you’re not at the mercy of the power company’s decisions during these times.

People who depend on electrically-powered medical devices at home
If you or a family member has a medical condition requiring home treatments that are dependent on electricity, don’t take the chance of not being able to have  access to the treatment because of a power outage. Install a standby generator for peace of mind regardless of the state of the power in your area.

Those who are concerned about terrorists attacking the power grid
Terrorism is alive and well. If they manage to pull off some kind of attack on the power grid, will you be at their mercy? You won’t if you have a standby generator. Because standby generators are powered by natural gas or propane, not even an EMP attack will impact functionality.

Business owners with computer servers on the property
Many businesses operate with cloud-based platforms, so they don’t have servers on company grounds. However, if your company is a cloud provider or if your company has certain proprietary information stored on servers on the property, you need a standby generator to ensure that information remains accessible and there is no down time.

Businesses that rely on refrigeration
Food suppliers, electronics manufacturers, breweries, and florists are just a few examples of companies so dependent on refrigeration that a power outage could cause a major loss in product and profit. Installing a standby generator saves your work and your investment while keeping the business running when the power is out.

Businesses and families that rely on security systems for protection
You’ve seen it on the news. The power goes out and looters descend, because security systems don’t work without power. However, homes and businesses with standby generators remain secure because the generator automatically turns on during a power outage.

Managers of assisted living facilities or nursing homes
Because your organization relies on electricity for medical devices, food storage, and security purposes, you have multiple reasons to need backup power. Maintain stability and consistency for your residents by having a standby generator installed.

Managers of any medical facility
Blood banks, cryogenics labs, dialysis centers, and a host of other medical facilities can’t risk the results of a power outage. It compromises the services you offer and the health of the clientele you serve. Hospitals have backup power for that very reason. Your clinics and medical service offices need standby generators, too.

Installing a standby generator is as logical as locking your front door or putting money in a savings account. You don’t have to be powerless. Generator Authority has the power to give your peace of mind. Call to find out more.

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