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When extreme weather hits Texas, commercial properties are the most vulnerable to power outages. Large businesses and chains have more than one location, allowing the other sites to hold down the fort while operations at one building are down. Typically, though, this isn’t the case for small businesses. This is where a new commercial backup generator installation will save the day. Generator Authority installs commercial generators in Irving, TX and the surrounding areas, so your employees and customers can have confidence during a storm. With us at the helm, your search for the best natural gas or diesel generator service in North Texas is over.

Small business owners in Fort Worth, Irving, and Dallas, TX should protect their investments from nature’s wrath. In fact, not preparing for a possible power outage could lead to:
  • Failure to communicate with current/potential clients
  • Loss of inventory
  • Profit loss/loss of business
  • Site closures
Companies can avoid these problems by getting commercial generators near Irving, TX. A business of any size can benefit from having on-site power backup. The right system will help prevent all the pitfalls that result when power is lost. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options.
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We’ll Install Your Commercial Backup Generator

In a span of 2 years, more than 500,000 paying customers in North Texas have lost electricity for six or more hours! We think that is unacceptable. So, call today to schedule your commercial backup generator installation. We have customized solutions to help get you up and running again. Generator Authority has discovered that larger commercial applications need customized specifications. This may include fuel or electrical requirements. It may also involve the generator installation location like a rooftop, parking garage, indoors or on a pad outside. In addition, the system may have to be configured to meet specific codes or noise requirements. We’re a local contractor who can handle all your unique power needs.

The fuel of choice plays an even greater role in a new commercial generator installation near Irving, TX. Across a wide variety of industries, the traditional choice is diesel. Diesel-fuel is known for being the workhorse that powers these engines. Even more, it does so for countless hours without a hitch. But the reliability is predicated on routine inspection and service by skilled professionals.

While diesel fuel is powerful, bi-fuel and natural gas offer extended runtimes. As a result, your facilities are protected for longer stretches when you are in crisis mode. What’s more, these systems are environmentally friendly. With fewer emissions, many companies are making the switch from diesel.

In addition to helping you select the right fuel source for your commercial generator, we are here to perform anything from routine tune-ups to a complete overhaul. To minimize downtime and maximize your ROI, routine generator checkups are the key. So, call us for regular maintenance.
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What would happen if your business lost power? Do you have a system in place to keep operations running? Or would you have to shut down during the outage? Commercial generators help your business keep running in the event of a crisis. As a result, you will avoid gaps in productivity and lost customers. These problems can happen when there is either a short or long-term power outage due to natural disasters, severe storms, and more.

A commercial backup generator provides the electricity you need in times of trouble. Like a car, a generator creates energy with assistance from a heavy-duty battery. This rechargeable power pack is designed to initiate and maintain energy. In addition, like an automobile, it has a fuel tank to keep it running. Generators can run on natural gas, gasoline or diesel fuel. Also, commercial generators have both an engine and an alternator. These components convert mechanical power into electrical power. Therefore, having a standby commercial generator near Irving, TX will eliminate unnecessary downtime. Talk to our professionals today to learn more or to book an estimate.
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Severe weather accounts for over 64% of all North Texas power outages.
In the last 24 months over 500,000 North Texas power customers have experienced outages of 6 hours or greater!

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