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Looking for Home Generator Installation Near Plano, TX?

In 2019, approximately 82 severe weather warnings were issued for Plano, Texas. Throughout that time, we have been keeping the lights on in homes across the area. That’s why Generator Authority should be your only call for a home generator installations. Chances are you will experience a power outage sooner. For your home, it can cause spoiled food, lack of heat or AC due to power loss. For businesses, the loss of power will knock all your operations offline. As a result, your productivity and revenues will grind to a halt. That’s why backup power is essential for home and business properties in North Texas. We perform generator installation services for your whole house, leaving nothing to chance. With a backup Generac installation by Generator Authority, you will no longer have to be concerned with losing your power.

A Generac unit will deliver power right on time to your electrical system when you need it most. So, whether you are in-house or away, the functionality is automatic. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.

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We Offer Whole House Generator Installation Services

There is nothing like losing something you need every day. Because we are here to help you avoid just that, our motto is, “Don’t be left out in the dark.” To combat that problem, we offer whole house generator installation services. We believe that no one should have to go without the security we all need during power outages. To help those with budget constraints, financing options are available. So, call today to learn more about our Generac installation services. This is the most popular generator we work with and our technicians can install all makes & models.

Our highly-skilled and experienced team will manage the process from start to completion. Whether it be city inspections prior to construction, home generator installation, and end-user training once complete, we’ve got you covered! In addition, you can count on us to provide an accurate assessment and cost estimate for services. Don’t wait any longer, contact us today to schedule an in-home appointment.

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Call Today to Schedule Generac Installation Services

Call Generator Authority for Generac installation services near Plano, TX. You cannot go wrong by choosing the industry leader in residential and commercial standby generators. With outputs ranging from 800 watts to 9 megawatts, Generac has the power you need, when you need it. Expertly engineered for long-term use, with properly scheduled maintenance, you can expect a minimum lifespan of 30 years. Partnering with Generator Authority and Generac can also lead to tax deductions in certain instances. People who need a dialysis machine or those who suffer from sleep apnea can take a tax credit for installation provided you have a letter from your doctor to submit at tax time.

Call us now for a free estimate. It can not only provide security during power outages but also put money back in your pocket.

Choose the Best Generator Installation Services Around

What makes Generator Authority the best Generator Installation Services around? It could be many years of experience. It could be the positive reviews we get from our loyal clients. Regardless, we take pride in all projects, no matter the size. When you choose Generator Authority, we will walk you through every aspect of the home generator installation. Therefore, should you need electrical services, concrete construction, gas plumbing, or project consulting, we have a solution for you.

Generac Generator installations near Plano, Fort Worth, Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas are our specialties. In fact, we have been widely considered the most reliable generator installers on the market. Our knowledgeable technicians are well-versed in all areas of installation, repair, and maintenance.

Most projects will take 3–4 weeks. During this time, our team will serve as project managers and handle any inspections and required work permits. So you can rest assured that the work will be done on-time and on-budget.

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Free in home estimate with no obligation.
Don't get left in the dark
generator authority

Free in home estimate with no obligation.

Free 7 year parts and labor extended warranty for new installation.
Severe weather accounts for over 64% of all North Texas power outages.
In the last 24 months over 500,000 North Texas power customers have experienced outages of 6 hours or greater!

  • April Sharp Avatar
    April Sharp
    2/03/2019 - Google

    These guys are great! Super friendly and courteous. I would use them for all of my generator needs.

    mark moulton Avatar
    mark moulton
    2/03/2019 - Google

    The generator was shipped directly to my home. Wes and his team at Generator Authority installed, registered and ran the... read more

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