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What Is an Air-Cooled Generator?

May 15, 2024
Generator outside a home.

For many Texas property owners, generators play a vital role in providing electricity when and where it’s needed most—especially with our recent history of power outages for the last few years.

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How Does an Automatic Transfer Switch Work?

April 26, 2024
Family of four in their home at their dining table surrounding a group of lit candles during a power outage.

An uninterrupted power supply is indispensable for our modern-day living, whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

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Is Your Texas Home Ready for a Power Outage?

April 15, 2024
Father and young daughter high-fiving outside under their porch string lights.

Generator Authority can help you keep the lights on, no matter what causes the next outage in Southlake, Texas, & all the surrounding communities

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Standby Generator Maintenance Tips

March 29, 2024
Kids playing in the dark using a flashlight after an electrical outage.

Standby generators are a reliable backup power source, ensuring that essential appliances and systems keep running during these unforeseen events. However, regular generator maintenance is crucial to guarantee safe operation and effectiveness when needed.

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5 Tips to Get the Most Value from Your Standby Generator

March 15, 2024
Young child doing homework in the dark using the light fro a couple small candles.

While a flashlight and some candles can get you by for a short while, a standby generator offers the peace of mind of uninterrupted electricity.

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How Do I Determine the Size of the Generator for My Home?

February 29, 2024
Generator installed outside a residential home.

Generator safety is paramount. Always follow manufacturer guidelines for installation, operation, and maintenance.

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Where is the Best Place to Install a Standby Generator?

February 15, 2024
Generator sitting outside of a modern home.

For Fort Worth homeowners, having a standby generator can be a game-changer, providing a reliable source of power to keep essential appliances and systems running smoothly.

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How Long Will a Generator Run During an Extended Blackout?

January 30, 2024
Cartoon graphic homes all without power except one.

When your Southlake home loses power during an outage or severe storm, a generator can be a lifesaver, providing the electricity you need to remain safe and comfortable.

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3 Reasons to Install a Whole-House Generator in Texas

January 17, 2024
portable generator.

Extreme weather, power line damage, and rolling blackouts can leave homeowners in the dark and cold in the winter and unbearable heat in the summer.

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How to Choose the Right Generator: Powering Through the Confusion

December 29, 2023
Cartoon graphic of a lit up home surrounded by dark homes.

Whether it’s a windy storm or a downed line here in Dallas, suddenly being plunged into darkness can be frustrating. That’s when a trusty generator can become your most valuable asset.

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Portable vs. Standby Generators: A Battle for Backup Power!

December 15, 2023
HVAC technicians performing maintenance on a generator.

Generator Authority is your go-to company to install, service, repair, and maintain your portable or standby generator in Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding areas.

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Protect Your Home in Extreme Weather

November 30, 2023
Snowy trees on a road with one fallen tree on a power line.

A generator can be a lifesaver whenever your Dallas home loses power for more than a few hours. Generators provide backup power when the grid goes down, keeping your home safe and comfortable.

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Maintaining Your Whole-House Generator

November 15, 2023
Maintaining Your Whole-House Generator - Senior Adult air conditioner Technician/Electrician services outdoor AC unit and the Gas Generator.

No power? No problem.

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Power Outage? A Standby Generator Will Help You Weather the Storm

October 27, 2023
Generator outside a home.

Generator Authority can install a standby generator outside your Texas home, just like an air conditioning unit.  When a storm, disaster, or equipment failure disrupts power from utility lines to your home, the generator will kick in and maintain power until your electrical services are restored.

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Preparing for a Rolling Power Outage

September 15, 2023

No one looks forward to a power outage. It can result from extreme weather, wildfires, equipment failure, or an intentional response to excessive power demand.

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July 7, 2023
Technician team installing a 17 day whole house emergency generator for hurricane season.

Nobody controls the weather, but generators can provide homeowners with security and predictability during uncertain times. That’s why an increasing number of Texas residents are investing in whole-house generators.

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